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Project Description
eBookInfoGrabber is a simple program designed to quickly grab any possible information you could desire on a given eBook using ISBN-10, ISBN-13, or by Title. It uses the Sony eBook store to gather all the data, and is developed in C#.

*Search by ISBN-10
*Search by ISBN-13
*Search by Title
*Custom Template to choose what is information is displayed


1. Load template file
- You create your template file of what data you want pulled
- Read Template Example
2. Choose to search by ISBN or by Author Name and Book title
- For ISBN the program automatically detects if it is ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 so there is no option for which one you are choosing
- If you choose the second option you need to imput the Author of the book and the Title of the book for the data to be found
3. Wait for the program to grab all the information requested
4. ??????????

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